Terms & conditions

Nerdy Technotrade (Pty) Ltd. from hereon referred to as “Nerdy” purchases and sells new used smartphones, Macbooks, and iMacs. When purchasing from or selling to Nerdy you agree to the terms and conditions contained herein. We may send occasionally market specials and products to our client base. Should you not want to receive any communication from us, you have the option to opt out.

Nerdy reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice. Newly amended terms will come into immediate effect once updated on our online store. Nerdy reserves the right to refuse service to any person and/or legal entity who fails to agree and/or comply with these terms and conditions.

1. About these terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to purchases and sales by/from Nerdy. You acknowledge that this electronic agreement has the same force and effect as a written agreement.

2. Selling to us

When selling your device to us the following terms and conditions apply:

2.1 Requirements. In order to sell your device to us the following is required from you (i) accurate information about your device and yourself, (ii) compliance with all of the terms and conditions contained herein, (iii) third party consent if purchasing on their behalf, (iv) you have the authority to sell a device to Nerdy. Nerdy will not be held liable for payments made to bank accounts obtained from incorrectly supplied banking details.

2.2 Product eligibility. Nerdy has to sole right to determine if a product is eligible for purchase. Nerdy reserves the right to refuse the purchase of a device should this device not meet our quality control standards as determined by our inspections department. Offers are valid for a period of 7 days but may be valid for longer as determined by our Offers department.

2.3 Product conditions. Nerdy classifies your device into one of three categories; (1) Sealed condition, (2) Excellent condition and (3) Good condition (minor defects). We broadly define our conditions as follows: “Sealed condition” means that the device is unopened in its original packaging. “Excellent condition” means the device is still in a 100% working condition with minimal signs of wear and tear. “Good condition” means the device is in 100% working condition with minor scratches and/or dents. These are only broad guidelines as to the condition of the device, please contact us should you be unable to determine the condition of your device.

2.4 Product valuation. Any offer made to you by Nerdy is dependent upon the condition of your device as determined by our inspections division. Once your device has been received, our inspections division conducts tests and appropriate checks to ensure a fair valuation of your device. We reserve the right to offer you an amount lower than the original offered amount should the condition of the device not match that supplied by you upon ticket submission. In the unlikely event of such a situation occurring, you have the right to reject our offer in which case your device will be returned to you for a delivery fee of R250.

2.5 Shipping your product. When you send us your device, all of the materials mentioned in the description must be included. Nerdy will only be responsible for your device once we have opened the box and Nerdy’s responsibility will end once we have closed the box we have provided you. The contents of the package we receive from you may influence your final offer. Note that Nerdy will accept no responsibility for any damage to your device induced by the postal service or courier company.

2.6 Personal data. You are responsible for backing any data you wish to maintain before sending us your device, you are also responsible for removing any personal data from your device before sending it to us. Nerdy cannot be held liable for any loss of information after you have shipped your device to us, by sending us your device you agree to this.

2.7 Product inspection. After you have accepted the original offer made to you by Nerdy on our website you have 7 business days to ship your device to us, failing which the offer will expire and you will have to resubmit your ticket and receive a new, possibly lower offer. It should be noted that we perform IMEI number checks to ensure the legitimacy of your device. In the event of any illegitimacy being determined with regards your device our offer to purchase your device will be terminated with immediate effect and Nerdy shall accept no further responsibility for your device, this includes any shipping charges.

2.8 Blacklisted devices. Should any device sold to us be found to be blacklisted after we have paid you for this device, you will be required to refund us in full for this blacklisted device. Failure to refund us will result in legal action.

2.9 International customers. Nerdy currently does not accept any phones outside of South Africa.

3. Buying from us

3.1 Requirements. In order for you to buy a device from Nerdy you have to register an account with us. All of the information required of you in the registration form must be true up to date and accurate information about yourself. You must also comply with all of the terms and conditions herein stated and by creating an account with us you automatically accept all of the terms and conditions in this agreement. You may only transact on behalf of yourself and not on behalf of any other persons or organizations.

3.2 Payments. Nerdy will only ship your device as purchased from our web store once the money reflects in our account. Then and only then will we ship you the device in Nerdy branded packaging after which we will provide you with the tracking number.

3.3 Shipping. Nerdy will pay for standard postal services shipping to the shipping address which you have provided. If you would like to make use of a courier service, if offered, additional charges may apply for which you will have full responsibility. Note that Nerdy will accept no responsibility for any damage to your device induced by the postal service or Courier Company.

3.4 Return policy. Nerdy offers a 14 day return policy on purchased devices. Nerdy will not accept the returned device if: (i) the device is not in exactly the same condition as it was when purchased from Nerdy – i.e there is physical damage on the device, (ii) it is evident that the device has been tampered with in any way or (iii) if any of the components are missing when we receive the device from you.

3.5 Refunding. In the event of a purchased device being returned to Nerdy within 14 days of purchase, our inspections department will re-inspect the device to ensure all conditions pertaining to our return policy as outlined in 3.4 are satisfied. If all conditions as outlined in 3.4 are satisfied, the original purchase price of the device (excluding additional charges) will be refunded to the purchaser within 14 working days.

3.6 Indemnity. By purchasing or selling a device from/to Nerdy, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Nerdy and its employees from and against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, costs, expenses, or fees (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) that such parties may incur as a result of or arising from your violation or breach of any terms under this Agreement. We reserve the right to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you and, in such case, you agree to cooperate with our defense of such claim.

3.7 Blacklisting. If the device is determined to be blacklisted within 30 days of purchase from Nerdy, you will be eligible for a refund in accordance with the conditions as outlined in 3.5.

3.8 Warranty. Certain sealed Apple and Samsung devices carry manufacturer warranties. Please confirm with us whether purchased devices are covered by the manufacturer warranty. All used devices come with a 30 day return policy.

4. Repairs & upgrades

If any repairs or upgrades on any devices are performed, these devices need to be collected within 3 months (unless otherwise communicated) from the date of booking these devices in at our offices. Should these devices not be collected, we reserve the right to sell these devices without compensation. In the event where a device is not sold, and you would like to collect it from our offices, you will be required to settle storage fees of R400 per month (excl. VAT) for every month over the 3 month storage threshold prior to us handing the device back to you.

5. Use of service

By using the Nerdy website and service you agree not to access the website by any means other than through the web site interface using a commercial web browser. By using the Nerdy website or app at our premises, you agree to the terms and conditions of sale or purchase of device.

6. Errors

The Nerdy Website and any correspondence related to a transaction may contain typographical errors or other errors or inaccuracies and may not be complete or current. Nerdy therefore reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update the content at any time without prior notice. Nerdy does not guarantee that any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions will be corrected. Stock errors might occur on the website due to system & human error. Nerdy reserves the right to rectify such errors at any time for whatsoever reason. Pricing errors might occur on the website due to system & human error. Nerdy reserves the right to change these prices at any time for whatsoever reason. In the unlikely event that a device is listed with a pricing error, and and order is placed for that specific device, Nerdy reserves the right to inform the customer about the error and to cancel the order. The customer will be receive a full refund for that specific order.

7. Privacy

We view protection of users’ privacy as a very important community principle. When you use the Nerdy Site and Services, we collect information about you. You agree that we may collect and use your information in accordance with the Nerdy Privacy Policy.